Kettle Metal BBQ Co - Kansas City Barbeque Society

Kettle Metal BBQ Co

Kettle Metal BBQ Co. is a competition barbecue team capable of competing in any and all KCBS Events.

The founder, A.J. Caruana Started cooking competition BBQ in 2006 with the Giggiling Pigs. Later, after the pitmaster retired, he continued to cook with Keith Pelkey Jr of KC and the Smokeshack Band, and soon became the Second Pitmaster in command. Over the years AJ has Cooked Competition with 5th Artery BBQ, and Others. Besides being a CBJ, He's cooked in well over 25 competitions over the course of his lifetime. The decision to start competing on his own has over taken him. Using his website , he is funding his BBQ obsession with blogging about grills and smokers.

Cheers Guys and Gals!


Head Cook: AJ Caruana

Year Started: 2018

Hometown: Bellingham

State: WA

Country: United States